Why Not To Refill Your Ink Cartridges

May 11, 2020 5:10:25 PM

Why Refilling Your Printer Ink Cartridges Is Actually Worthless

Are you wondering if refilling ink cartridges is a good idea? There are countless blogs, video tutorials, etc. on how to refill ink cartridges on the Internet. Ink refill kits are also readily available these days.

So, it’s natural to feel tempted to give it a shot.

But, is it really worth the effort to refill your ink cartridges? Let’s find out.

Refilled Cartridges Can Damage Your Printer

Different variants of printer inks have different consistencies and formulations. When you have an ink cartridge refilled at a local store or do it yourself at home, you run the risk of incurring some unexpected costs.

For instance, if the ink is too thin, it can result in a leak and if the ink is too thick, it may clog the microscopic nozzles. Repairing a printer leak or a clogged print head costs more than the money it’d take to buy a new ink cartridge.

If your printer has an integrated ink cartridge (with a built-in print head) unit, a clogged print head is not the end of the world. However, if your printer has a separate print head (the most expensive inkjet printer consumable) and it is damaged because you used a refilled cartridge, you might as well buy a new printer.

There are other, smarter ways to save money on printing costs. Refilling ink cartridges isn’t one of them.

Refilled Cartridge Can Void Manufacturer’s Warranty

As a consumer, you can use third-party printer consumables.

Manufacturers cannot force you to use name-brand consumables, be it a cartridge or a print head.

But, a refilled cartridge can void a manufacturer's warranty if it damages your printer in any manner. So, you will have to pay for repairs, if any, from your pocket.

Now, many ink cartridges have memory chips on them. So, printer software may instantly reject a refilled ink cartridge. There are ways around this problem but even a slight mistake will render your ink cartridge useless even for recycling.

It is fairly easy to understand that refilling ink cartridges is not worth the risk.

Poor Print Quality

It’s a given.

There’s a reason why printer refill kits cost less.

You will not get the same print quality with refilled cartridges as you would with a name-brand cartridge sold by a printer manufacturer or a third-party ink cartridge manufactured or refurbished by an industry-accredited company at an ISO-certified facility, strictly according to OEM standards and specifications.

Ink in refill kits sold online or offline has low quality. But, most sellers proudly boast of providing original ink in their refill kits online. They even put up the logos of printer manufacturing companies and market their products as ‘refill kit for HP printer,’ ‘refill-kit for Epson printer,’ etc.

Faded inks and a few blobs of ink on paper are not so much of a concern for casual print jobs. However, if you ask ‘whether refilling a cartridge is worth the effort’ for a business organization or a professional for printing photos, documents, presentations, etc., that need to be shared or archived, DIY ink refills will always turn out to be a disappointment.

Refilling Ink Cartridges Is a Messy Affair

Before you even get to the point of putting the right color ink into each chamber, you either need to poke a hole with a syringe needle or open the cartridge. The exact method will depend on the design of the cartridge.

It is a delicate process that requires proper care and the ability to follow a list of instructions. During this process, printer ink (a rich pigment) can do real damage to your belongings if there are any spillovers.

Removing ink stains from your desk, carpet, clothes, upholstery, or appliances can cost you a whole lot more than the money you intend to save by taking this ill-thought short-cut.

Recycle Used Ink Cartridges Instead

Refilling ink cartridges on your own is clearly a bad idea, yes, but that does not mean you should just throw them away.

You can recycle used ink cartridges. Millions of consumers around the world do that now.

Here at InkjetsClub, we accept used ink cartridges for recycling and offer you a discount on your next purchase.

Final Words

It’s understandable that you don’t want to keep buying expensive name-brand ink cartridges as printer manufacturers recommend.

But, there are other ways to keep your printing costs under control.

You can buy compatible or remanufactured ink cartridges at a much less price for Epson, HP, Brother, or Canon printers.

This way, you can cut down on printing costs without having to worry about print quality, device-compatibility, leakage, warranty, etc.

It is also a good idea to follow a selection of tried-and-tested guidelines to extend the life of your ink cartridge.