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Get Answers To Your Frequently Asked Questions on Your Favorite Printer Ink and Toner Cartirdges.

InkjetsClub Frequently Asked Questions

Will These Inkjets or Toners Cartridges Damage My Printer?

No, the printer ink sold at Inkjetsclub will not damage your printer. All our printer inks, including our compatible and remanufactured cartridges, are made to work just like OEM products made for your printer. Our cartridges at InkjetsClub work just like any OEM cartridge, simply plugin in and use in your printer. A cold restart maybe required if the printer requires it.
How Do I Apply the Coupon on My Order?

At the time of checkout, there will be a section to enter a coupon code. This is followed by the billing and financial information to place the order.
What is the Return Policy?

We have a 60-return policy for unopened products if it the wrong ordered item. We have a 1-year replacement program for defective or damaged merchandise.
Do You Accept Checks?

Yes, we do. To send in a check, you must first get clearance from our customer service representatives. The address for mailing the check will depend on the product. Please call for further clarification.
What Is the Difference Between A Compatible and A Re-manufactured Ink Cartridge?

A compatible cartridge is a new cartridge made for your printer. A remanufactured cartridge is an original unit which is made by the printer manufacturer and is refurbished to new condition.
What Are the Benefits of Going with Remanufactured Ink Cartridges?
To save money and avoid buying OEM ink cartirdges which can save you upwards of 70% of the retail cost. In essence buying a remanufactured inkjet or toner cartridge is really the same product as the product sold originially by the manufacturer of the printer. InkjetsClub will only use OEM equipment and replacement parts to remanufacturer cartridges sold as remanufactured ink.
How Do I Get Free Shipping on My Order?

Free shipping is applied on order subtotals $30 or more. Additional coupons maybe used if they are offered. Please note, free shipping is not available for order subtotals less than $30.
How Long Does Shipping Take?

Most orders are delivered within 2-5 business days. Some models maybe shipped from other warehouses and depending on the delivery location, shipping times vary depending on product placement and your location.
Do These Cartridges Have a Warranty?

Yes, all of our inkjets and toners come with a hassle-free 1-year guarantee warranty. Should you have any issues within the first year of receiving your product, please contact our customer service to process a warranty claim. You may need to provide your order number, have a picture of the ink or toner cartridge and the error on the printer’s screen.
Does Using Any of the InkjetsClub Ink or Toners Void My Printers Warranty?

No, using any remanufactured or compatible ink or toner product will not void your printer’s manufacturer warranty. A law in the United States (Magnuson-Moss Warranty Improvement Act) states that it is illegal for a manufacturer of a printer to prevent you from using a non-OEM (HP, Epson, Lexmark) part or component within your laser printer.
How Long Is the Warranty?

1-year warranty applies on all inkjets and toner cartridges sold through