Before Making a Return Authorization

Our Company Promise

Here at InkjetsClub we value your business and want you to be happy with your experience with a company that values long-term commitment. We want to offer you the best alternative to higher-priced cartridges, without compromising performance and reliability when buying a remanufactured ink cartridge. That’s why InkjetsClub uses the same ISO testing that the original manufacturers do when engineering their products. Testing ensures our cartridges’ print yields and densities are benchmarks to the originals and you will get even more yields per print with our XL versions.

Should there be any problems with your order, InkjetsClub will gladly exchange the product by providing you another working unit free of charge through our 100% guarantee 1-year cartridge warranty*. Please note, free returns are NOT eligible for incorrect merchandise ordered. For printer ink that does not match a printer model or merchandise that was incorrectly ordered based on the customer's mistake i.e. incorrect model not matching the customer's printer or mistake in thinking this was an OEM product is not eligible for a free return. All returned ink and/or toners need to be in the sealed original plastic for a refund upon return.

Are you in need of exchanging or returning a product that is not working? First, please try the helpful tips required to have your printer recognize your new printer cartridge prior to opening a return merchandise authorization ticket.

Click here for more information on printer troubleshoot steps.

Returning Unopened Merchandise

You may return unopened packages or partial packages (unopened cartridges only), for up to 90 days after the date of delivery. This is separate from the cartridge warranty, the 90 day return policy is in regard to change in your need for the cartridges. Please contact InkjetsClub with the reason for the return, the quantity of unopened cartridges to be returned, and the order number the cartridges are associated with. An address will be provided for you to mail the cartridges to (if open cartridges are included in the return package the entire return package may be subject to disposal and zero refunds). Please contact us within 90 days of delivery should you choose to return the cartridges before trying them or when you no longer need the remaining cartridges.If the help tips don't work and you need to return an item(s), please follow the return instructions below. In order to make your return as expedited as possible, please include all the information we ask for in order not to delay your return process.

Return and Exchange Policy

When ordering with InkjetsClub, you’ll enjoy a no-hassle return process. We provide a 1-year100% warranty on replacement printer cartridges and toners for units with still the original ink that came with the unit (not refilled). Prior to sending any merchandise back for a refund or exchange, please contact our customer service representatives either by phone or email to create an RMA ticket under your ticket. From there we will provide you the instructions for the return. Please avoid sending anything back before receiving an RMA ticket from our customer service representatives.

  • Before a refund or replacement(s) can be issued, a ticket must be assigned to the customer providing detailed instructions on the return. Please do not return without our authorization email.
  • Exchanges for an incorrectly placed order(s) must be returned within 30 days for exchange credit. This also includes items you will be exchanging as a no longer needed item.
  • If no RMA # is included, no refund or replacement will be issued.
  • Should you have ordered the wrong product, you are responsible for return shipping costs to return the product. For replacements or damaged merchandise, we will pay for shipping costs by sending a prepaid label. For refunds, we will reimburse product purchase price plus original s/h costs.
  • Once a return has been received: Refunds take place within 3-5 days, and exchanges take 1-2 days to process. For refunds, your bank statement may need 3-5 days more days to have the funds to appear on your account. Please allow a total of 10 business days for your refund to take place once the item has been returned to the correct warehouse

Instructions for Returning Merchandise

  • First, request a Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA#) and approval from our customer service by either email or phone support you're in need of making either an exchange or return. After submitting your request, please wait for our customer service to provide you with instructions on making the return or exchange possible.
  • Should our warehouse require you send the merchandise back to our address, please include the following in the package:
  • The RMA# issued to you
  • Your full name on the order
  • Shipping Address
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • The specific problem of your order

With an assigned RMA number, our facility will recognize if your order is in need of replacement or in need of a refund. Prior to sending any merchandise back, please consult with our customer service. Please note, our mailing address may not be the address you need to return the merchandise to. As we multiple facilities across the continental United States, we may ask you to return a package in one of several locations.