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Printer menu displays an error message saying “ink cartridges are low/empty or missing.” How to fix this error.

Dell suggests the use of their original ink cartridges, Dell printers commonly reject non-brand name cartridges. However, compatible ink and toner cartridges are mass-produced and work smoothly in Dell printers. To solve the low/empty or missing cartridges error message you may have to clear the printer’s memory by restarting the printer via the cold start method (cold start method troubleshooting). If the message persists try cleaning the printheads of any blockages or obstructive ink residue.
What ink cartridges do I need for my Dell printer?

Type your printer model into the search bar at the top of the InkjetsClub website. Below the title “Search results for ‘Dell blank’” there will be two tabs, one is selected by default, Products, and the one to its right is, Printers. Click the Printers tab and select the exact printer from the list provided. Selecting your exact printer model generates a page filled exclusively with products made for your printer.
The Dell cartridge you sent me looks different from my previous Dell cartridges, will it fit in my printer?

Yes, so long as you ordered the correct cartridge for your printer model, all of the Dell cartridges we sell are compatible with Dell printers and Dell manufactured cartridges. Proceed with placing the cartridges into your printer and start printing.
I recently ordered Dell cartridges from you, when will they arrive?

Same day handling, or handling within 24 hours of the order on non-business days. From there the regular shipping provided is first-class USPS mail (average-sized packages) with an estimated 2-4 business day arrival interval. You will get an email that provides tracking information and a link to track your package through the postal service.
Are the Dell cartridges purchased on InkjetsClub guaranteed?

Yes, a 1-year warranty on defective cartridges. Please call our support phone number (347) 948-4771 or email us through our contact page. We will help you every step of the way, 7 days a week.
I can not find the correct ink for my Dell printer.

We try to carry all cartridges and cater to the entire Dell printer lineup, but if you can not find the correct cartridge for your printer or if you are unsure about what you have in your cart, please contact our customer support team at (347) 948-4771.