Xerox is one of the world's most notorious printer manufacturers and by many Xerox is considered a household name. In fact, the name "Xerox" has been legally defined as a generic term since the 60’s as a ‘copying process. Since 2003, InkJetsClub has been providing homes and businesses with Xerox toner cartridges all at every day low prices. We carry remanufactured and compatible Xerox toner cartridges all priced 50-70% less than their genuine Xerox cartridge counterpart. All of our Xerox toners offer the same level of performance and yield ratio as their genuine Xerox toner cartridge counterparts.

When ordering from InkJetsClub, we offer free shipping, same day shipping, and handling and a lifetime warranty replacement on all our Xerox toner cartridges. Get ready to save money and get the most out of your Xerox machine with a cartridge that will last to the manufacturer’s specifications yet provide real savings upwards of 70% Xerox’s list price on toners.

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  • Provide a Lifetime Warranty on All Xerox Toner Cartridges
  • Provide a Free Replacement and Exchange Program
  • Provide Free Same-Day Shipping and Handling

To order, simply do so by finding your exact needed Xerox toner cartridge below, or call our customer support center 7 days a week for any questions or sales related to Xerox toners. Our team of experts is knowledgeable about all Xerox models and cartridge models and offer free technical support to configure any troubleshooting or purchase related questions.

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Do you sell ink and toner for every Xerox printer?

We offer ink and toner cartridges for 24 different Xerox printers (here is a list of those printers).
My Xerox printer is not printing after installing your toner, what is the problem?

Restart your printer by taking out the cartridge(s), turn the printer off, unplug the printer and leave it unplugged for 10 minutes, then reverse all of those steps and try printing again. If the printer is still not printing, call our customer service department at (347) 948-4771 for help 7 days a week.
Do your toner cartridges match the original Xerox toner cartridges quality standards?

Yes, the toner cartridges we sell are manufactured to match the same quality and performance standards as Xerox cartridges. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
Which toner cartridge(s) does my Xerox printer need?

Enter your printer model into our website search bar and select your exact model from the Printers tab in the search results. This action takes you to a page of products solely dedicated to your printer model. Confirm that you are buying toner compatible with your printer by consulting with the compatible printer list in the toner product details.
How many pages will your Xerox toner cartridges print?

Every Xerox toner cartridge states its page yield in the specifications table (below the product image). Our Xerox toner cartridges range from 1000 to 8000 pages per cartridge (depending on cartridge type).
If I buy extra Xerox toner cartridges will they go bad?

InkjetsClub guarantees all products for 1 year. Also, since toner consists of a fine powder rather than a liquid ink, toner cartridges are best suited to last long durations on the shelf or sitting in the printer. The toner cartridges will not go bad.