InkjetsClub is a proud supplier and manufacturer of high-quality Kodak printer ink and toner cartridges. Many people have heard of Kodak film, but few people know that Kodak made printers starting in 2003. Since the inception of Kodak printers, InkJetsClub has been offering new OEM, original remanufactured and compatible Kodak ink and toner cartridges from virtually any Kodak printer model old or new, we are sure to have your exact Kodak ink and toner model in stock. All our Kodak inkjets and toners are supplied by a lifetime product guarantee and all our products offer a high yield ratio as compared to the OEM inkjets sold by Kodak. Buy with confidence and enjoy up to 70% savings over OEM Kodak brand.
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Kodak printer does not recognize new ink cartridges. What should I do?

Kodak printers occasionally display error codes 3603 or 3604 (missing, low/empty ink, or not recognizing cartridges) or similar codes. The easiest solution to fix these error codes is to restart your printer's memory by cold starting the printer. Follow our troubleshooting guide (cold start method). If this does not resolve the issue you may need to run your printers printhead cleaning cycle or clean the printheads manually to remove residual ink buildup.
Are these cartridges genuine Kodak cartridges?

No, they are compatible or remanufactured Kodak cartridges, meaning that they are designed and built to work in your Kodak printer, but are not made by Kodak themselves. InkjetsClub compatible cartridges are non-OEM cartridges which means they are not made or sold by the original manufacturer. Your printer may initially ask if you want to proceed with the non-OEM ink cartridges, accept that notification and start printing normally. Should you have trouble with your Kodak inkjet cartridges, please see the troubleshooting guide.
How do I know if this Kodak ink is the correct ink for my printer?

Every product listing on InkjetsClub has a list of the printers that the cartridge works with/in (compatible printers list in the product details section below the image).
Why are your Kodak ink cartridges cheaper than other cartridges in the marketplace?

Our cartridges are cheaper than others because they are compatible ink cartridges, meaning they are not made by Kodak themselves. These cartridges are non-brand name cartridges, which makes them cheaper.
What ink does my Kodak printer require?

Type your Kodak printer model into our website search-bar and select the Printers tab to the right-side of the Products tab below the search results bold text. From the list below Printers, select your exact printer version and then the website will take you to a page of products dedicated to your printer model. Choose the cartridge(s) offer that you want and add it to your cart and checkout. If you want to confirm you are looking at the correct ink for your Kodak printer while on the ink product page, scroll down to the compatible printers list and confirm that your printer is listed amongst the compatible printers.
Do you sell Kodak toner cartridges?

No, for the Kodak printer series we only sell ink cartridges, no toner cartridges.