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Will Lexmark cartridges from InkjetsClub work in my printer?

Yes; permitted you purchase the cartridges compatible with your Lexmark printer model, the cartridges will work in your printer. All InkjetsClub cartridges are guaranteed for 1 year.
Do you sell both Lexmark ink and toner cartridges?

Yes, InkjetsClub offers both Lexmark compatible ink cartridges and toner cartridges.
Do you sell individual color cartridges for Lexmark printers?

Yes, there are certain Lexmark printer models that require three separate color cartridges (yellow, magenta, and cyan) while some Lexmark printer models take a three-in-one color cartridge. Find the correct ink and toner cartridges for your Lexmark printer using InkjetsClub website search functionality. We sell both the individual cartridges and the three-in-one color cartridges.
Will the compatible cartridges work as well as brand name OEM cartridges made by Lexmark?

Yes, InkjetsClub compatible cartridges are guaranteed to work as well as brand name cartridges, at a fraction of the price.
If I encounter any issues with my purchase, what can I do?

Call our customer service center at (347) 948-4771, chat with us online, or email us through our ‘contact us’ page. Available 7 days a week.
Why should I buy my Lexmark ink and toner from InkjetsClub?

Quality products, fast and reliable customer service, cheapest prices, and an easy to use website.